Digital Camera Issue 143 now on sale!

Digital Camera Issue 143 now on sale!

Issue 143 of Digital Camera, Britain’s best-selling photography magazine, goes on sale today!

Digital Camera Issue 143 now on sale!

This issue’s main feature is about the top 10 creative effects that every photographer must know. So, we explain how to get nicely blurred backgrounds on portraits, how to slow water, get amazing light trails and more.

It’s all explained step-by-step with plenty of guidance for beginners. Another big highlight of this issue is an easy guide to getting cool macro close-ups in September, and a beginners guide to flash photography.

Hardware-wise, we test two really exciting new compact system cameras, the Panasonic GF6 and the Samsung NX300, complete with whopping 20Mp sensor.

We’ve also got a major group test of 50mm portrait lenses, starting from under £80!

We’ve also got three great free gifts this issue, including four new wallet-sized tips cards on creative photo effects, and an all-new disc on landscape photography skills.

We’re also giving away a handy guide to animal photography on our disc.

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