White Balance: Photoshop fixes and in-camera solutions for any situation

Correcting white balance in Adobe Camera Raw

Why it’s OK to set the ‘wrong’ white balance

Auto White Balance can leech all the orange light out of sunrise and sunset shots, because the camera is trying to neutralise the colour, giving rise to washed-out images.

Make the most of this time of day by switching to one of the natural light white balance presets – Daylight, Cloudy or Shade settings give 
a progressively warmer colour rendition.

Auto White Balance

What is White Balance: using the wrong setting - auto WB

Using the Auto White Balance (AWB) setting has drained this sunset of its colour

Daylight White Balance

What is White Balance: using the wrong setting

Switching to the Daylight setting brings back the fiery colours of the setting sun

PAGE 1: What is white balance?
PAGE 2: Correcting white balance in-camera
PAGE 3: Using white balance in mixed lighting
PAGE 4: Correcting white balance in Photoshop & Adobe Camera Raw
PAGE 5: Why it’s OK to use the ‘wrong’ white balance setting


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