Nik Collection review: is Google’s photo editing plug-in bundle the best of its kind?

Nik Collection review: we put Google's new photo editing plug-in bundle to the test

How to make adjustments with Nik Collection plug-ins

How to make adjustments with Nik Collection plug-ins


The selective adjustment controls are located beneath the marker of the control point.

It’s just a question of dragging each one left or right to adjust the brightness contrast saturation and structure (texture), for instance; the list of options varies depending upon the plug-in that’s being used.

Once you’ve finished making adjustments, clicking the OK button returns the image to the host software.

How to make adjustments with Nik Collection plug-ins


Alternatively, provided that you haven’t applied the plug-in as a Smart Filter, selecting the Brush option (available in all but HDR Efex Pro 2) returns the image to the host software and enables the image created by the plug-in to be painted in with a brush – it creates an inverted mask automatically.

Nik Collection offers an extensive set of preset adjustments, some of which replicate the look of specific film types or traditional developing techniques, are quick and easy to apply and the results are excellent.

These also make a good starting point for anyone who wants to give their images a bespoke treatment.

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