Fall color: how to photograph autumn leaves and other seasonal images

How to shoot frosty leaf close-ups

Other ideas for shooting Fall color

It’s not just colourful frost-edged leaves that make great autumn pictures. Many autumnal subjects come alive with a macro lens

Other ideas for shooting Fall color: starlings

Image by Mark Bretherton

Late autumn signals the start of one of nature’s spectacles: thousands of starlings flocking together. The fast shutter speeds afforded by a macro lens’s widest aperture means you can freeze this awesome display. Alternatively, put the camera on a tripod and use a slow exposure to create aerial blurs.


Other ideas for shooting Fall color: silhouettes

Image by Mark Hamblin

As the autumn days grow shorter, the sunsets arrive earlier, so this is a great time to have a go at shooting silhouettes. Experiment with the ‘+/-’ Exposure Compensation button on your camera, dialling-in some negative compensation to saturate the spectacular colours.


Other ideas for shooting Fall color: squirrels

Image by Joe Soap

Squirrels are too busy at this time of year to pay much attention to an approaching photographer. If you’re shooting a squirrel portrait, use a macro lens towards its widest aperture in order to blur foreground and background details, bringing the squirrel into sharp focus against the autumn colour.

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