Fall color: how to photograph autumn leaves and other seasonal images

How to shoot frosty leaf close-ups

How to shoot frosty leaf close-ups

How to shoot frosty leaf close-ups

Image by Robert Rathe

Autumn’s all about rich colours, but look for ways that you can contrast ‘warm’ tones with ‘cool’ ones. Move a leaf to a different location if it makes for a stronger colour contrast.

The rule of thirds helps to make balanced close-up compositions. Imagine a 3×3 grid over the image, and place the most important feature at a point where the lines cross.

Focal length
Macro lenses with longer focal lengths are useful when you’re photographing frost-covered leaves, as you’re less likely to breathe on the subject and melt the icy magic.

White balance
Shoot raw files and you’ll be able to edit the white balance setting later in software. This allows you to try out cooler settings to emphasise frost, 
or produce images to blend.

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