Fall color: how to photograph autumn leaves and other seasonal images

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    How to check focus with Live View

    Follow these easy steps to get pin-sharp autumn pictures using your camera’s clever Live View mode

    How to check focus with Live View: step 1

    1 Activate Live View
    Mount the camera on a tripod, activate Live View and ensure the back of the camera is parallel to the subject.


    How to check focus with Live View: step 2

    2 Highlight area
    Move the white frame across the image until it highlights the part of the picture that you want to check for sharpness.


    How to check focus with Live View: step 3

    3 Zoom in
    To zoom into this area, press the button marked with the ‘+’ magnifying glass symbol. Press it again to zoom in further still.


    How to check focus with Live View: step 4

    4 Focus and shoot
    Gently rotate the focusing ring until the point you want to be in focus appears sharp on the screen, then take the shot.



    Mirror Lock explained
    The movement of the mirror inside the camera creates vibrations that can soften pictures at slower shutter speeds, so activate your camera’s Mirror Lock-up function.

    This locks the mirror out of the way before you take a shot, allowing any vibrations to fade before you make the exposure.

    Mirror Lock-up isn’t available on all cameras, and it shouldn’t be confused with locking the mirror out of the way to clean the sensor.

    Switching to Live View shooting is a great alternative though, as the mirror is automatically locked up out of the way so that the live image can be displayed on the rear screen.

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