Breaking bad habits: how to add variety to your landscape photography portfolio

Breaking bad habits: how to add variety to your landscape portfolio

Getting the right exposure

How to add variety to your landscape portfolio: get the right exposure

By using the histogram display, and exposure compensation, Jenny has produced a much more accurately exposed image than before

First of all, Jenny needs to get to grips with exposure and using the histogram. With the camera in Aperture Priority mode and on a tripod, I get her to select an aperture of f/22, to keep the whole scene sharp, and take a test shot.

Reviewing this shot reveals that because the dark foreground of the wood takes up two-thirds of the scene, the camera has overexposed the scene, as the histogram is bunched to the right of the graph.

I get Jenny to set the exposure compensation to -0.7, which gives a much more even distribution on the histogram.

Changing the composition so that the light coming through the trees dominates the composition produces the opposite result, with the camera underexposing the image.

This time, Jenny sets the exposure compensation to +1 to correctly expose the shot.

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