Best carbon fibre tripod: 5 top models tested and rated

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    Which carbon fibre tripod was best?

    Which carbon fibre tripod was best?

    We had a great day testing out carbon fibre tripods, and we were really impressed at how light and tall they all were.

    The Manfrotto is a great budget tripod, but a little lacking in features and not the most portable.

    The Giottos is better, and not that much more expensive; the elegance of the Y-shaped centre column makes you wonder why no one else has thought of this design!

    The Vanguard is a very rugged-feeling product and has loads of brilliant features, but is relatively big and heavy, and might become cumbersome on a lengthy hike.

    FLM’s offering is astounding in every way, though unfortunately that includes the eyewatering price tag!

    For our money, 3-Legged Thing’s Eddie is perfect. It folds up really small, it’s very well constructed and hugely strong, the ball head is strong yet simple to operate, and all the extras thrown in sweeten the deal!

    PAGE 1 – Best carbon fibre tripod: 01 Manfrotto 290 MT294C3

    PAGE 2 – Best carbon fibre tripod: 02 Giottos Silk Road YTL8354
    PAGE 3 – 
Best carbon fibre tripod: 03 3 Legged Thing 3LT X2 Eddie
    PAGE 4 – Best carbon fibre tripod: 04 Vanguard ABEO Pro 283CGH
    PAGE 5 – Best carbon fibre tripod: 05 FLM CP30-M4S Centerpod
    PAGE 6 – 
Which carbon fibre tripod was best?
    PAGE 7 – Things to consider when buying a carbon fibre tripod


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