What are adjustment layers in Photoshop? A cheat sheet to the options available

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    Adjustment layers in Photoshop Elements

    Adjustment Layers in Photoshop Elements

    Adjustment Layers aren’t the sole preserve of Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. They are also available for editing images using Elements 11.

    However, there are only eight options: Levels, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Gradient Map, Photo Filter, Invert, Threshold and Posterize.

    They are created by clicking the relevant icon in the Layers Panel or by selecting Layer>New Adjustment Layer and selecting the relevant option.

    It’s now also possible to apply masks to Adjustment Layers in Elements, simply by clicking the mask icon in the Layers Panel.

    PAGE 1: What are the options for adjustment layers?
    PAGE 2: Taking control of your adjustment layers
    PAGE 3: Adjustment layers in Photoshop Elements


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