What are adjustment layers in Photoshop? A cheat sheet to the options available

What are adjustment layers in Photoshop? A cheat sheet to the options available

Controlling your adjustment layers

Controlling your adjustment layers

The controls over the adjustments made with an Adjustment Layer are contained within the Properties Panel that appears when the layer is created.

The central section will be familiar because it has the controls that are available when the adjustment is made normally. As you make an adjustment you’ll see the image change accordingly.

Icons along the bottom of the panel enable you to reset the adjustments to the default positions, turn the layer’s visibility on and of and delete the layer.

If you’d like to revisit the adjustments later on, simply click the layer’s thumbnail in the Layers Panel. To see the image without the adjustment applied, click the eye icon in the panel next to the thumbnail.

Using Blend Modes and Opacity for more control over Adjustment Layers

As with a regular layer, you can use the Blend Mode options available in the Layers Panel drop-down list to alter the impact an Adjustment Layer has on an image.

A Curves adjustment, for example, can alter the colour as well as the contrast of the image, but switching the Blend Mode of the Adjustment Layer from Normal to Luminosity confines the edit to the brightness, and the colour is unaltered.

Conversely, using the Color Blend Mode with a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer prevents the image brightness from changing.

The Opacity setting next to the Blend Mode menu enables you to reduce the strength of its impact across the whole image.

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