9 creative photo ideas to try in September

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    Creative Photo Ideas for September: 08 Shoot a late summer scene

    Creative Photo Ideas for September: 08 Shoot a late summer scene

    For the most part in landscape photography, ‘golden hay bales on a balmy late summer evening’ score low for originality but high for ‘feel good factor’. It’s pretty much the definitive rural summer image.

    However, spotting the idyllic scene is one thing; finding the best view of it is quite another.

    “The most important thing to consider when photographing round bales is composition,” says landscape pro Adam Burton, who shot this sweeping view near Morchard Bishop in Devon. “You need to spend time exploring the field, ideally looking for a group of bales that can work well together in a composition.

    “The danger when shooting wide angle is that once you place a bale off-centre in your foreground, the picture can feel lopsided unless you have bales on the other side to balance up the picture.

    “To counter this, I often choose a mid-range zoom and zoom towards the bales from further back (as opposed to getting as close as possible and pulling back).

    “The longer focal length helps to pull all the elements together, and gives you a more balanced picture.”

    Naturally, you need to put yourself in the right place to be able to frame the perfect shot, and this is rarely behind a field’s fence or gate.

    “I am always cautious about entering fields, and therefore only shoot fields which have a public footpath running through them,” reveals Adam.

    “Sometimes I stray a little from the path to get my composition, but as the field has been harvested it doesn’t cause any harm. As long as you are being respectful of the land, farmers tend to be very friendly and understanding.

    “Having said that I live in an extremely rural and affable part of Devon – other areas may not have such friendly farmers!”

    Get started today…
    * Look for interesting clouds to ensure the picture isn’t bottom heavy.
    * Use an ND grad filter to hold detail in skies.
    * For wide-angle shots, get close to the nearest hay bale to add foreground interest.
    * Shoot from a raised point of view with a telephoto lens, and focus on the patterns created by the bales and furrows.
    * Be mindful that you risk trespass if you enter a farmer’s field without permission.

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