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Even experienced photographers who take lots of photographs sometimes find that they are dissatisfied with their images, they’re not really capturing anything special or interesting that they want to look at for any length of time.

If this sounds familiar, then perhaps our friends at the photo management blog Photoventure can help. In their latest guest blog post they’ve compiled six reasons why many photographers don’t produce shots they are happy with, as well as a few suggestions for getting on-track and taking images you can be proud of.

Record shots: think about how you shoot each subject

Common photography mistakes

A common mistake of relatively novice photographers is to think about what they are going to photograph much more than how they are going to photograph it.

The end result is often a collection of record shots that look suitable for use on eBay. They show what the subject looks like, but have no creativity, interpretation, emotion or atmosphere.

When you are taking a photograph think about whether you need to have shallow or deep depth of field, consider carefully where the focus point should be (especially when depth of field is restricted) and decide whether it would look good in colour or monochrome – or perhaps toned.

Think about what attracts you to the subject and how you can convey that in a photograph.

PAGE 1: Avoid taking record shots
PAGE 2: Try using new settings
PAGE 3: Start a photo project and shoot along a theme
PAGE 4: Decide what you want to do with your images
PAGE 5: Think about new angles to shoot from
PAGE 6: What is your style?


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