Best macro alternative: 5 clever options for photographers on a budget

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    Best macro alternative: the final verdict

    Best macro alternative: the final verdict

    We loved visiting and exploring Sir Harold Hillier Gardens – it is the ideal place for photographing plants in macro! We really enjoyed trying out all of the different macro alternatives and getting a new close-up perspective on flora and fauna.

    The Coupling Ring is a great idea, but in practice, it wasn’t best suited for shooting flowers outside. It was quite tricky to use, particularly on a windy day, so would work much better in a studio.

    The Reversing Ring also suffered from similar problems, and both these methods left the internal workings of the lens open to the elements. However, they would be good solutions for travel as they are so neat and compact.

    The Macro Extension Bellows are a clever idea, and perfect for those who want to explore macro photography on a budget. We did find them quite difficult to achieve focus with, and the awkward size and shaping meant they always had to be used on a tripod.

    However, the Kenko Automatic Extension Tube Set DG was easy to use handheld or with a tripod. Despite autofocus hunting when photographing pale flowers, we appreciated having other automatic features enabled through the Gate Array IC.

    Our favourite of the macro alternative options has to be the Kood 58mm Close-Up Filter Set. The good price, the great autofocusing and the small size makes them ideal for those first tentative steps into macro.

    PAGE 1 – Things to consider when seeking a macro alternative
    PAGE 2 – Best macro alternative: 01 Coupling Ring (52-58mm)
    PAGE 3 – Best macro alternative: 02 Reversing Ring (EF-58mm)
    PAGE 4 – Best macro alternative: 03 Kood Close-Up Set (58mm)
    PAGE 5 – Best macro alternative: 04 Macro Extension Bellows
    PAGE 6 – Best macro alternative: 05 Kenko Automatic Extension Tube Set DG
    PAGE 7 – Best macro alternative: the final verdict


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