Best macro alternative: 5 clever options for photographers on a budget

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    Best macro alternative: 05 Kenko Automatic Extension Tube Set DG

    Best macro alternative: 05 Kenko Automatic Extension Tube Set DG

    Web:  Price: £140
    Supplied in this set are extension tubes measuring 36mm, 20mm and 12mm. They can be used individually, or combined for a magnification ratio of better than 1:1.

    Although cited as being automatic, we found that autofocus only works with an aperture of f/4.5 or wider and with a very contrasty subject.

    However, you do get a sensible range of magnifications, and the tubes can be used on any lens you own.

    Exposure is relatively easy – although there is an inevitable increase in exposure length.

    We really liked using the Kenko Extension Tubes, as it was easy to see what effect each of them was having on my photos.

    We were also impressed with the Gate Array Integrated Circuitry in the tubes, which meant that we could easily control our aperture and depth of field, which was quite difficult with some of the other macro alternative options in this test.

    Although autofocus wasn’t great, manual focusing was relatively easy and we could even shoot handheld at just 5cm from the plant.

    Easy to use; good depth of field; excellent close-ups; can be used handheld
    Expensive; autofocus only works under f/4.5; bulky compared to some options

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