Best macro alternative: 5 clever options for photographers on a budget

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    Best macro alternative: 03 Kood Close-Up Set (58mm)

    Best macro alternative: 03 Kood Close-Up Set (58mm)

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    The Kood Close-Up Set works in the same way as screw-in filters.

    As they fit onto the front of your lens, rather than between your body and lens, all auto functions are maintained, including autofocus and depth of field control.

    Three filters are supplied – no.1, no.2 and no.4. Using no.1 alone reduces the close focusing of an 18-55mm kit lens to 16cm, and gives just a slight increase in magnification.

    For maximum effect, stack all three together to give a decently close-up magnification ratio of around 1:2.

    Shooting with the Close-Up Set was very easy – we could use our camera both on and off of the tripod and there was only half a stop reduction in exposure, even when all filters were in place.

    We liked having control over our aperture and depth of field with this set, as it gave us a lot more options for photo composition, particularly when photographing intricate plants like the magnolias.

    However, when all three Close-Up filters were in place there was some noticeable vignetting.

    Easy to use; full auto control; good depth of field; small and neat; takes great close-ups
    Vignetting; different thread sizes needed for different lenses; magnification only 1:2

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