Best macro alternative: 5 clever options for photographers on a budget

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    Best macro alternative: 02 Reversing Ring (EF-58mm)

    Best macro alternative: 02 Reversing Ring (EF-58mm)

    Web: Price: £12.99
    This Reversing Ring is a great way to make your first steps into macro photography.

    Measuring just 1cm thick, it has a filter thread on one side and a rear lens mount on the other – effectively attaching the lens backwards, with the front element closest to the camera sensor.

    The ring is easy to fit and gives a closest focusing distance of just 6cm and 3:1 magnification, but it does leave the inner workings of your lens open to the elements.”

    The Reversing Ring is also small and compact, and ideal for taking macro shots when travelling. It was quick and simple to fit to our camera, and we were able to start shooting straightaway.

    We found, however, that we could only focus manually with the ring and that our depth of field was dramatically reduced.

    When focusing on the stamen of a flower, the petals beyond it were completely blurred at wider apertures!

    This meant we had to shoot using a tripod to obtain sharp shots when using the narrower apertures necessary for more depth of field.

    Cheap; well-made; small and compact; great close-up capability
    Internal lens elements left exposed; manual focus only; lack of depth of field

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