Best macro alternative: 5 clever options for photographers on a budget

Best macro alternative: 04 Macro Extension Bellows

Best macro alternative: 01 Coupling Ring (52-58mm)

Best macro alternative: 01 Coupling Ring (52-58mm)

Web:  Price: £11.99
This Coupling Ring joins two lenses together via their filter threads and gives exceptional enlargement, enabling focusing from just 6mm away and achieving a magnification ratio of 4:1.

However, there are several problems with this method – unless the apertures in both lenses are wide open, you get an extreme vignetted effect.

Depth of field is also reduced to mere millimetres, and having a lens reversed leaves it open to bumps and knocks.

The Coupling Ring, however, felt solid and strong. But taking photos with two lenses coupled together was a bit tricky too, as we had to move both zoom and focus rings in order to achieve sharp focus.

When photographing colourful flowers, the vignetted effect of the lenses looked quite artistic, but it probably wouldn’t be to the taste of traditional macro photographers.

Sturdy; inexpensive; gives excellent close-up capabilities
Difficult to focus with two lenses; little depth of field; extreme vignetting

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