Autofocus vs manual: how to take control of focus in problem foregrounds

How to take control of autofocus: step 2

Taking control of AF video tutorial

For a more in-depth look at how this is done, this video shows the step-by-step process as we worked around a tricky foreground to take control of our autofocus in a field of wildflowers.

PAGE 1: Autofocus vs manual: why not focus manually?
PAGE 2: How to take control of autofocus
PAGE 3: Taking control of AF video tutorial
PAGE 4: Spot metering and AF


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  • Bert Baumann

    I’m a little unclear as to these two focus lock methods. How would objects outside of the center appear after recomposing the shot and locking focus in the center? In other words, would the subject still be in-focus as beforehand, when you had it in the center? It seems more likely you would lock on a specific point outside the center first. Should you recompose, it will be for the purpose of metering an area other than where you want the camera to focus, tripod or not.