Beach photography: how to shoot striking seaside pictures of any subject you want

Beach photography: how to shoot stunning seaside pictures of any subject you want

Take your beach photography to the next step

Take your beach photography to the next step

Image by Roger Wright / Getty

Why not take to the skies for an even more dramatic and unique perspective on your coastal landscapes?

Few of us can afford our own airplane or helicopter, but there are several companies offering sightseeing tours of popular coastal regions for around £100 to £150 depending on the length of the flight.

Photographing from the air is fairly simple. Just make sure you use a shutter speed fast enough to stop motion.

Try to shoot at 1/500 sec or faster and use a lens or camera with an image stabiliser if you have the option.

Most helicopters will be enclosed, so you need to get the camera as close to the window as possible.

You’ll find a simple rubber lens hood attached to the front of the lens enables you to cut out reflections from the glass.

If you’re shooting from a helicopter with open doors or windows, make sure you never allow the lens to stray outside the aircraft because it can easily be ripped from your hands by the force of the wind.

Also, make sure you don’t leave any equipment loose during the flight, so avoid changing lenses if you can.


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