Beach photography: how to shoot striking seaside pictures of any subject you want

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    7 beach photography tips for capturing dramatic seas

    7 beach photography tips for capturing dramatic seas

    1. Watch out for dark foregrounds and bleached-out skies
    2. Choose a small aperture such as f/16 to maximise depth of field
    3. Switch to manual focus, then focus around a third of the way into the scene to ensure that the entire scene is sharp from front to back
    4. Look out for objects and textures in the foreground to add depth and balance to your wide-angle shots
    5. For a well-balanced composition, try to position the horizon around a third from the top of the frame if there’s strong foreground interest in the scene, or around a third from the bottom of the frame if there’s a dramatic and interesting sky
    6. Linear features such as rocks, patterns in the sand or clouds can be used to give your landscapes a sense of depth that seascapes often lack
    7. Without a recognisable object it can be difficult for the viewer to get an idea of the scale of a seascape. Try to include figures on the beach, a house or a ship to give the viewer a better sense of the vastness of the landscape


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