9 portrait photography tips professional studios don’t want you to know

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    Essential Portrait Photography Tips

    Essential Portrait Photography Tips: 08 A basic, yet classic, lighting set up

    You can also achieve professional portraits with a pair of modern flashguns and attachments.

    Our example portraits were taken using a small portable background and two off-camera Canon Speedlites fired through white brollies.

    Essential Portrait Photography Tips: 09 Hiring a studio

    Booking studio space is a good opportunity to take some great portraits in a controlled environment. But ask about ceiling height, or you may struggle to put light stands up high to position softboxes.

    Can you use the studio’s lights and cables? What backdrops are available? Will somebody be on hand to assist, if necessary?

    And if you only need a few hours of studio time, ask if they do a half-day or hourly rate.


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