9 portrait photography tips professional studios don’t want you to know

Best camera settings for shooting family portraits at home

Essential Portrait Photography Tips

Essential Portrait Photography Tips: 04 Easy ways to build rapport

  • Try to connect with subjects – it’s essential for great portraits
  • Have fun when taking portraits – keep the mood upbeat
  • If you smile, your subjects will smile too!
  • Show your subjects your shots to reassure them they look good
  • Don’t be afraid to give plenty of direction, telling your models how to look and pose.

Essential Portrait Photography Tips: 05 Creative compositions

Don’t be lazy with your compositions. Too often photographers stand back, thinking it’s best to include all, or at least the top half, of their subject.

Zoom in instead to fill the frame for a more inspired composition.

Positioning your subject to one side of the frame, with ‘space to look into’, is a great technique to master, as is experimenting with wide apertures to capture a very shallow depth of field.

But remember to make sure your focusing is precise – with our example shot at f/2.8, we focused on the model’s left eye, this has meant her right eye is dropping out of focus.


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