Manual Mode: the REAL advantages for photographers making the switch

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    How to set manual exposure

    Choose your exposure setting by hand for more pinpoint control

    How to set manual exposure: step 1

    Dial M for Manual
    Rotate your camera’s main dial to the position marked ‘M’. The aperture and shutter speed settings that appear in the viewfinder, rear screen or top display will be the settings that were dialled in the last time that Manual mode was used.


    How to set manual exposure: step 2

    Set the exposure
    If your camera has two control dials, one will allow you to make the aperture larger or smaller, while the other enables you to make the shutter speed faster or slower. On one dial models, you press a button to switch between the settings.


    How to set manual exposure: step 3

    Check the scale
    The indicator will move up and down the exposure scale as you alter the aperture, shutter speed or ISO. When it’s set in the dead centre, it means the subject or scene being metered will be exposed as if it were a mid-tone.

    PAGE 1: Common questions about shooting in manual mode
    PAGE 2: How to set manual exposure
    PAGE 3: Why metering matters in manual mode
    PAGE 4: Working in stops
    PAGE 5: The real advantage of using manual mode


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