Best waterproof photography kit: 6 key accessories for any outdoor photographer

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    Best waterproof photography kit: B29 3D Leafy Suit

    Best waterproof photography kit: B29 3D Leafy Suit

    Price: £188
    We threw this product into our test for a bit of fun; it’s not waterproof, but it’s just the ticket if you want to blend in with your surroundings to capture wildlife shots without disturbing your subjects.

    The suit is designed for rugged use, and suitable for all kinds of lighting conditions – bright or overcast, day and night.

    It comes in two sizes, and is designed for a loose fit so that you can easily pull it over your clothing.

    It comes in three parts: a hood with fold-up eye mesh, a pull-over top, and adjustable-waist trousers that you can pull on over your footwear. The suit comes in a scrim net bag, so that it can air when packed away.

    We got some very odd looks from a family who were passing by, but nevertheless this was fun to try out and perfect for blending into the environment if that’s what you need.

    The suit felt light and comfortable, and it was easy to move around in; it also didn’t make too much of a rustling noise as we moved, which might give the game away.

    If you are a serious wildlife photographer, you might consider getting one of these.


    Pros: The ultimate in camouflage; easy to put on, take off and move around in without making noise
    Cons: An expensive way to look ridiculous, and very much one for the specialists

    Score: 74%

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