Best waterproof photography kit: 6 key accessories for any outdoor photographer

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    Best waterproof photography kit: GN16-005 Tall Camo Pop Up Hide

    Best waterproof photography kit: GN16-005 Tall Camo Pop Up Hide

    Price: £95.95
    As the name suggests, this camouflage hide literally pops up, so you can take shelter from the weather in a matter of seconds, ensuring you don’t lose valuable shooting time!

    It’s ideal for watching and photographing wildlife, as there are four windows offering a 360-degree field of view.

    The hide is made of durable shower-proof material, which is printed with the Realtree camouflage pattern to ensure you can stay out of sight.

    It comes in a lightweight bag, complete with tie cords and stakes to secure the hide to the ground (there’s no floor covering that you can weigh down). There’s (just about) room for two people sitting on chairs or stools.

    This hide couldn’t have been easier to set up – we simply dropped the folded hide on the ground and it popped open, and we then stood it up and pegged down the corners.

    Folding it back up was a little trickier, but once we worked out how to do it, it was easy.

    When stowed in its case it’s compact and lightweight, so it’s ideal to take on a shoot if the weather looks a bit dodgy!

    There was plenty of room for one person and a chair, but it was a bit cramped with two of us, and the lack of a ground sheet meant we weren’t able to spread our gear out.


    Pros: Quick and easy to put up, and down once you know how; good protection and concealment
    Cons: No floor cover, so you and your bag may get dirty and you can’t spread your kit out on the ground

    Score: 78%

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