Best waterproof photography kit: 6 key accessories for any outdoor photographer

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    Best waterproof photography kit: Kata E-702 PL Pro Light Rain Cover

    Best waterproof photography kit: Kata E-702 PL Pro Light Rain Cover

    Price: £70
    The Kata Pro Light Rain cover protects both entry-level and professional DSLR bodies with up to a 200mm lens fitted.

    It’s quick and easy to use – all you need to do is slip the cover over the camera and lens, then secure with the zippered bottom, adjusters and pull cords.

    The cover has a transparent window, enabling you to view the camera, LCD screen and all of its controls, and two spacious side sleeves provide access to the controls.

    The adjustable stiff hood fits a variety of lens diameters, and if you have lenses longer than 200mm this cover is compatible with the E-704 lens sleeve.

    This cover looked the business when we first took it out of the box, but the design was rather complicated.

    It took us a while to work out how it fitted over the camera, and the lens seal at the front of the camera made the task of making small adjustments rather complicated.

    However, the side sleeves did give easy access to the camera and lens.

    The transparent plastic casing was good quality, and thick enough not to catch or rip on the cameras hotshoe.

    However, there was one major problem with this cover: we found it really hard to focus and compose images, as the visibility through the cover was poor.


    Pros: Enables easy access to camera controls and lens while providing secure weather-proofing
    Cons: Transparent plastic over the viewfinder makes precise focusing difficult, and can get fogged up

    Score: 80%

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