Best waterproof photography kit: 6 key accessories for any outdoor photographer

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    Best waterproof photography kit: Jack Pyke Waterproof Suit

    Best waterproof photography kit: Jack Pyke Waterproof Suit

    Price: £45
    This Jack Pyke two-piece waterproof suit is made of polyester-coated PVC. The suit comes in six sizes, and is fully taped with a drawstring waist, zipped hood storage, and a vented back.

    It also has a press-stud adjustment on the ankle, enabling you to easily put the trousers on over your boots; you can adjust them afterwards to ensure they don’t drag on the ground and get muddy – or to stop you from tripping over them!

    The suit is printed with Jack Pyke’s own English Oak Camo design (which is based on English woodland, rather than the more common US design), so you can stay dry while blending in with your surroundings.

    In use, the suit felt excellent quality, and fitted well too. It didn’t make too much of a rustling sound when we were walking around either.

    The stowaway hood was ideal for when we didn’t need it, and the ankle adjustment was handy for when taking the trousers on and off.

    We liked the fact that the suit came in two pieces – it meant we could mix and match with our other waterproofs.


    Pros: Easy to put on; trousers can slide over your boots; keeps you warm and dry
    Cons: English Oak camouflage pattern will not be suitable for every environment

    Score: 76%

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