Best waterproof photography kit: 6 key accessories for any outdoor photographer

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    Best waterproof photography kit: C80R Reversible Camera & Lens Cover

    Best waterproof photography kit: C80R Reversible Camera & Lens Cover

    Price: £35-£81
    This all-in-one camera and lens cover provides camouflage as well as protection against the elements. It comes in two options – single layer or double reversible layers.

    We tried out the reversible option, with a proofed polycotton camouflage pattern on one side and waterproof olive Pu nylon on the other – different patterns are available.

    The cover has an elasticated fit around the lens hood, and a draw cord to secure it in place at the back; a Velcro opening enables you to access the camera controls. These covers are available in eight sizes to accommodate varying lens lengths.

    In use, this camera and lens cover was easy to fit and very effective. We could slide it over the camera without removing it from the tripod, and it was nice and snug around the lens hood.

    It gave easy access to both camera and lens, plus when it rains you can tighten the back end using the draw cord to protect the back of the camera and LCD screen.

    The reversible element is a bonus too; the water-resistant camouflage print on one side is suitable for blending in when taking wildlife shots, and the waterproof olive side is great for when it starts pouring with rain!

    It also folds up really small, so you can easily pop it in your jacket pocket. If you don’t need a large size this is a cheap investment to protect your camera.


    Pros: Offers both camouflage and protection against the weather; quick and easy to fit
    Cons: Starts to get pricey if you have longer lenses; on shorter lenses there’s lots of excess material

    Score: 84%

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