Camera lenses explained: how to get sharp photos using macro lenses

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Best working distance when using a macro lens

Best working distance when using a macro lens

We used a 50mm macro lens on our trip to Brighton, but you can buy macro lenses with focal lengths of anything between 35 to 200mm.

The main difference in using these lenses is the distance between you and the subject at the same magnification.

These different working distances may not sound important, but just like using normal lenses, it can alter your perspective slightly.

More important, it can also make a huge difference to your ability to shoot subjects such as insects, which you may not be able to get close to without scaring them off.

How to use macro lenses

Watch the shadows
Getting life-size images with shorter focal-length lenses such as a 50mm macro means that the front of the lens can be just a few centimetres from the subject.

This can inadvertently throw shadows (of you, your camera, or the lens) on the subject.

So watch out for this when you’re framing your shots, and if necessary be ready to alter your position slightly.

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