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4. Much quicker to produce images
It’s much, much quicker to upload your images to your computer, open them up in Photoshop, and then print them off from your home printer than it is to develop your images in the wet darkroom.

5. You need far less equipment
In the digital darkroom, you need a computer, a power supply, a digital camera, a memory card and your choice of photo editing software.

Now think about what you need for the wet darkroom: a negative, a cosmetic pad, rubbing alcohol, a light tight room that is well ventilated, running water, safe light, trays for chemicals, paper easel, timer, drying rack or clothes line and pegs, emulsion paper, chemical storage bottles, chemicals… you get the idea.

6. You can apply a technique to multiple images
If you like a look that you have achieved by editing an image in the digital darkroom, you can easily save the settings you’ve used and apply this ‘action’ to multiple images to give them all the same look.

In the wet darkroom, this is far more difficult to achieve. You would have to remember everything you did and every step you took in order to apply an effect to one image, which would be difficult to do. Apart from that, recreating the same look for every image would be far more time-consuming.

7. Access
How many people do you know who have access to a wet darkroom? How many people do you know who have access to the digital darkroom? Now with Adobe Creative programs available on the cloud as a subscription service instead of requiring a large payment upfront, the majority of people have more access to the digital darkroom than ever before.


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