Adobe Lightroom 5 review: is this the game-changer you’ve been waiting for?

New features in Lightroom 5 - Radial Gradient

New features in Lightroom 5 – Smart Previews

How to make and use Adobe Lightroom presets: step 5

Adobe Lightroom 5 brings one more major enhancement, although this one is not so immediately obvious.

You can now create Smart Previews that enable offline editing. In other words, you can keep your originals on an external drive, but carry on editing your photos even when this drive isn’t plugged in.

The changes are stored within the Lightroom catalogue and can be applied to the full-size versions of your photo when it’s convenient to reconnect the drive, which is a very handy edition.

New Features in Lightroom 5 – Slideshow sharing

It’s now possible to combine videos and stills in slideshows, together with music, and then export HD movie files for viewing on practically any device.

You just drop the video in among the stills in the slideshow – the stills play for the duration you’ve chosen in the slideshow settings, but the video clip plays in full.

New Features in Lightroom 5 – Photo book creation

You can now also add page numbers to your books, and it’s much easier to add text to your Books via the new Text tab.

The ability to create and save user templates looks like it could be equally useful. This enables you to create a custom design for your pages.

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