Adobe Lightroom 5 review: is this the game-changer you’ve been waiting for?

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    New features in Lightroom 5 – Radial Gradient

    New features in Lightroom 5 - Radial Gradient

    The Radial Gradient tool is designed to help you focus attention on your subject.

    You use it to create an elliptical or circular marquee, then use the adjustment sliders to control the appearance of areas outside this marquee.

    You might like to think of it as a kind of highly customisable vignette control.

    In fact, the adjustments you get here are the same as those you get with the Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush tools, so you can control the Exposure, Clarity, Saturation and more.

    You can also invert the mask so that the adjustments take place inside the marquee rather than outside it, and you now have the ability to use several Radial Gradients on the same image, not just one.

    It does work pretty well, but even with the mask’s Feather adjustment pushed to its absolute maximum, the transition between adjusted and non-adjusted areas is a little too sharp, and you can feel an adjustment has been made – especially when you see the images at thumbnail size.

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