Adobe Lightroom 5 review: is this the game-changer you’ve been waiting for?

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    New features in Lightroom 5 – Upright tool

    New features in Lightroom 5 - Upright tool

    Adobe Lightroom already had some fine tools for correcting lens distortion, using custom correct profiles, and perspective distortion, plus horizontal and vertical correction sliders.

    But the Upright tool in Lightroom 5 is a different beast altogether. It can detect horizontal and vertical skew in your images and fix either or both with a single click of a button.

    Often, with intelligent tools like these, you find that they fail as often as they succeed and you need the right sort of image for them to work. Not this time.

    The Upright tool is spectacularly effective at correcting perspective distortion – and if it doesn’t find any, it leaves your picture alone.

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    PAGE 2: New features in Lightroom 5 – Advanced Healing
    PAGE 3: New features in Lightroom 5 – Upright tool
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