Best tripod alternatives: 5 budget options for the photographer travelling light

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    Best tripod alternative: Fat Gecko Triple Mount

    Best tripod alternative: Fat Gecko Triple Mount

    Price: £90
    The Fat Gecko Triple Mount is suitable for heavier D-SLR and lens combinations up to 3.6kg, and offers good stability for shooting both stills and video.

    Its three industrial locking suction cups are designed to work on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as steel and glass, and we found that it worked well mounted to the window or windscreen of a car; the cups adjust to the contours of the surface, and can then be locked in place.

    The mount is made of hard plastic and aluminium, and feels lightweight yet sturdy. It has six adjustable points, enabling you to position your camera at various angles.”

    We say
    The Fat Gecko mount looked fiddly at first, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy to set up, although a quick-release plate would make the process even faster!

    We tested it on the car window and were a little apprehensive at first; however, once we discovered how much effort was required to release the suction cups we had much more confidence when mounting the camera.

    The mount also attaches well to any smooth surface, and could prove useful when setting up still-life shots to capture some quirky angles.

    Pros: A compact product with a very secure grip; good flexibility for unusual shooting angles
    Cons: You’re limited by the surfaces it can be fixed to; pricey compared with other options

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