Best tripod alternatives: 5 budget options for the photographer travelling light

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    Best tripod alternative: C14F-ST Standard Double Bean Bag (filled)

    Best tripod alternative: C14F-ST Standard Double Bean Bag (filled)

    Price: £75
    This double beanbag is available filled or unfilled in a range of sizes, with optional extras including liners and a shoulder strap.

    We tried out the filled option with shoulder strap; the unfilled option with extra liners is a good alternative at £37, as it’s compact and lightweight for travelling, and can be filled when you need it.

    The bags are designed to support and protect your camera when it’s propped on rocks, fences or a car window, or when you’re lying on the ground. The shoulder strap is useful for situations where you’re not carrying a kit bag.

    We say
    The hard-wearing camouflage material makes this product ideal for nature and wildlife photographers. The filled beanbag on the test was quite heavy, however, so it was useful to have the additional shoulder strap with the padded centre section.

    We’d be tempted to get an unfilled beanbag and fill it up when needed, to avoid carrying the extra weight – and because it’s cheaper!

    The beanbag we had felt like it had been over-filled, so we weren’t hugely confident that it would grip well and keep the camera secure if we stepped away.

    That said, it’s a versatile product, and having the extra support is a bonus, especially when shooting with long and heavy lenses.

    Pros: Ideal for positioning your camera on jagged or uneven surfaces to keep it secure
    Cons: The filled beanbag is quite bulky, while the unfilled beanbag could be a hassle to fill

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