Best tripod alternatives: 5 budget options for the photographer travelling light

Best tripod alternatives: 5 budget options for the photographer travelling light

Best tripod alternative: Manfrotto MP3-D01

Best tripod alternative: Manfrotto MP3-D01

Price: £25
The Manfrotto MP3-D01 pocket series tripod is compatible with all cameras that have the standard tripod attachment screw. It can support up to 1.5kg and is made of metal, with strong springs for reliable support.

The three legs have non-slip rubber feet, and they can be adjusted independently to stand on uneven surfaces for maximum stability. It’s a compact and lightweight support, and ideal for photographers on the go who have limited room for kit.

Once attached to the camera it’s very discreet, and you can fold in the legs and keep it attached to your camera for easy transportation.

We say
We like the concept of this camera support, and it’s very clever and well made. It comes with a little key for easy fitting, plus a little pouch to keep both components together.

Once attached to the camera it can be folded away, so you can carry your camera around without having to remove it. Given its pocket size, we were pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it felt when attached to the camera.

The only downside is the height restriction: it’s a little on the short side, and may be limiting if there’s no suitable surface to place it on when on location.

Pros: Clever concept; compact and sturdy; easy to carry and attach
Cons: The low height doesn’t provide you with much versatility on location shoots

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