8 common mistakes photographers make on holiday (and how to get it right)

8 common mistakes all photographers make on holiday (and how to get it right)

Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 05 Blurred night-time shots

9 essential night photography tips for beginners

A tripod can seem like an unnecessary burden when you’re packing your suitcase, but it’s just as important for shooting in lowlight abroad as it is at home.

If you want to take photographs inside buildings or shoot nighttime scenes and long exposures, you need to take tripod.

There are lots of travel tripods available which are designed to pack down smaller than standard tripods and weigh less, but take care that you don’t compromise too much on stability.

Don’t forget to take your remote release, or use the self timer, to avoid camera shake from spoiling your images.


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Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 06 Images full of tourists

Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 06 Images full of tourists

Getting great shots of places of interest without including hordes of tourists can be tricky, but not impossible.

One way is to get up early and beat everyone to it.

Alternatively, you can rely on the fact that people tend to mill around, so if you mount your camera on a tripod and take a sequence of shots you can produce a series of images which enable you to create one composite without anyone in it.

As a last resort, you can also rescue your images by using this Photoshop technique to make tourists disappear!


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Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 07 Upsetting the locals

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Not everyone likes being photographed; you wouldn’t push your camera into the face of a market stall holder at home, so don’t do it when you’re abroad.

Shoot from a respectful distance using a longer lens is necessary and if the subject objects, stop shooting and give a smile and wave to diffuse the situation.

In some cases a little cash is enough to persuade someone to allow you to photograph them, but tread carefully to avoid being swamped or causing offense.


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Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 08 Gear overheating or freezing

Take pictures of snow that sell: plan your shoot

If you’re heading to an extreme climate, don’t forget that this could cause problems for your camera gear.

Very cold conditions, for example, can effectively kill batteries and make operating the camera extremely difficult.

Go prepared with a few spare batteries that you can keep it nice and warm inside your jacket.

A couple of hand warmers may come in handy to keep frost bay and help keep the battery chamber warm.

You also need to be careful when heading inside, out of the cold, as condensation can form on your camera.

The best solution is to seal your camera and lens inside a plastic bag along with a few sachets of silica gel to absorb any moisture before you go indoors.

Leave your camera for while to warm up slowly before taking it out of the bag, downloading images and recharging the battery.

Very hot climates are also problematic, a camera may cut out in extreme heat and lubricants may become liquid, spreading onto areas where they shouldn’t.

Try to keep your camera and lens out of direct sunlight and shelter them whenever possible.


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  • When traveling, A:L:W:A:Y:S carry a deck of cards. If you encounter any problem or difficulty, break out the cards and play Solitaire… Somebody will ALWAYS come along and help!