8 common mistakes photographers make on holiday (and how to get it right)

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    Many photographers have to fit their hobby around a full-time job, so their annual vacation is the perfect opportunity to spend some time taking photographs.

    In the seventh part of her ongoing series about how to avoid making classic photographic mistakes our head of testing, Angela Nicholson, takes a look at some of the problems photographers encounter on holiday and offers some expert advice about how to avoid them.

    8 common mistakes all photographers make on holiday (and how to get it right)

    Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 01 Kit damaged in transit

    Hand luggage allowances are very restricted on some airlines and this makes it tempting to squeeze some of your kit into your hold luggage, but it’s a temptation that is best resisted.

    Standard suitcases and bags often take quite a pounding and delicate cameras and lenses are easily damaged.

    Final wedding photography tips from our professional photographer: pack a roller bag

    If you are going to put some of your photographic kit in the hold make sure it’s in a case that is specifically designed for the purpose.

    The possible exceptions to this rule are things like your tripod, memory cards and battery charger, these are usually sturdy enough to be able to survive the trip in a hold surrounded by your underwear.

    PAGE 1 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 01 Kit damaged in transit
    PAGE 2 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 02 Sand/water damaged kit
    PAGE 3 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 03 Kit damaged by cleaning
    PAGE 4 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 04 Underexposed beach shots
    PAGE 5 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 05 Blurred night-time shots
    PAGE 6 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 06 Images full of tourists
    PAGE 7 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 07 Upsetting the locals
    PAGE 8 – Classic Travel Photography Mistakes: 08 Gear overheating or freezing


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