Close-up Photography: creative ideas for photographing everyday objects

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    How to disguise objects’ identities when close-up

    How to disguise objects' identities when close-up

    This close-up photograph of a builder’s lamp has been deliberately defocused. You can’t see what it is, but the shapes still work well.

    One of the joys of macro is how easy it is to disguise objects and make them impossible to recognise.

    If you make a shot too obvious, there’s no incentive for a viewer to spend time looking at it, and one glance will be enough for them to understand what they’re seeing.

    But if you deliberately add ambiguities, they’ll look for longer and enjoy playing a game of visual hide and seek to work out what they’re seeing.

    With macro, the two easiest ways to surprise viewers are angles and focus. In a close-up, it’s not always obvious which way is up, so it’s a good idea to rotate shots to see which orientation works best. It often isn’t the original one.

    In terms of focus, you can sometimes de-focus altogether for an abstract effect. Alternatively, you can break the rules and create unfocused areas directly in front of the point of interest.

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