Close-up Photography: creative ideas for photographing everyday objects

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    How to make an interesting photo with anything

    How to make an interesting photo with anything

    It’s true that almost any object can be turned into an interesting macro shot. To prove the point, this example is a macro view of an old sock.

    While it’s not the most striking macro shot – the sock was black, which made it even more of a challenge – it follows the rules about shapes and repetition.

    Here, that’s enough to turn an unpromising object into an unusual abstract. The other factor was careful lighting, which brings out the texture in the fabric.

    Creatively, the challenge of close-up photography isn’t so much finding something interesting to work with, because you can do that anywhere, with anything.

    What takes more time and practice is interpreting views, lighting and angles to create a unique perspective on an object.

    With digital, you can afford to fire off as many frames as you want to until you achieve this.

    PAGE 1: First steps in close-up photography
    PAGE 2: Using patterns in close-up photography
    PAGE 3: How to make an interesting photo with anything
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