20 free Photoshop actions for black and white landscapes

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    Download our free Photoshop actions for black and white landscapes and give your landscape photography a monochrome makeover!

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    Photoshop Actions might not be the most glamorous aspect of creative post-processing, but integrate them into your digital workflow and you’ll save bags of time by applying your favourite special effects in seconds.

    As we’ve explained before, an Action is essentially a recording of a Photoshop process (you can only record Actions in CS or Photoshop CC, by the way; newer versions of Elements enable you to play Actions, but the options are limited).

    The result works a treat, but it’s time-consuming if you want to apply it to lots of images. Record it as an Action, however, and it can be applied to other shots with a single click. And as if this wasn’t clever enough, you can apply an Action to an entire batch of images.

    You can even share your Actions online, or download Actions created by others… such as the ones we’re offering you today!

    Free Photoshop actions for black and white landscapes

    When you shoot dozens of similar landscape images in the same location, you may end up needing to tweak loads of nearly identical photos. For example, a batch of shots may need tones altered to increase the contrast range or a boost in colour saturation to increase impact.

    You could slog through each photo one at a time, tweaking contrast using a Curves Adjustment Layer and then adding a Hue/ Saturation Adjustment Layer to boost colour, but this repetitive editing process could take ages.

    And if you are converting your landscapes to black and white and know the specific look you want to achieve with each picture, Photoshop Actions become even more important.

    We’ve compiled what we believe are 20 of the best Photoshop actions for black and white landscapes. These are classic effects ranging from high-contrast black and white to Cyanotype to infrared and a whole lot more.

    They’ve proved particularly useful to us, so we thought we’d share them with you!

    Click here to download your 20 free Photoshop Actions for black and white landscapes.


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