DSLR vs CSC: 3 key differences you need to understand

DSLR vs CSC: the REAL difference you need to understand

DSLR vs CSC: 03 Focusing

DSLR vs CSC: which one is best for you?

Much of the development in DSLRs and compact system cameras has centred around the speed and accuracy of their autofocus (AF) systems.

For SLRs the challenge is to produce faster, smoother focusing in live view and video mode as the phase detection AF systems that they use when the image is composed in the viewfinder are generally fast and efficient.

Most compact system cameras use contrast detection autofocusing (the same as many SLRs in live view mode) and this is generally slower than phase detection – especially in low light.

Some manufacturers, however, have managed to produce AF systems for their CSCs which challenge those of similarly priced SLRs.

On the whole, an SLR’s live view and video AF system is much slower than a CSC’s, but SLR manufacturers are starting to make improvements by developing hybrid systems and even sensor-based phase detection systems.

Although you can shoot sport and action with a compact system camera, as a rule DSLRs are more suited to doing so because the focusing system when using the viewfinder is usually more versatile, faster and more sensitive.

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