What is HDSLR: why your camera’s video feature is underused and underrated

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    Getting to grips with HDSLR: free cheat sheet

    What is HDSLR: why your camera's video feature is underused and underratedHDSLRs might produce stunning video footage, thanks to their large sensors and wide-apertured lenses – but their design does not lend itself to moviemaking.

    The eye-level viewfinder does not work, forcing you to use the LCD – which is awkward to look at while you are recording sequences that are whole seconds or minutes long.

    Some cameras, like the new Canon EOS 70D, with its fold-out, rotating screen, go some way to easing the strain.

    However, a huge cottage industry has sprung to life, as people build ever-more ingenious contraptions that makes the traditional SLR easier to use for serious filmmaking.

    These include external monitors, viewing loupes, devices that allow smooth manual focus while recording, and Transformer-style support rigs.

    In our latest cheat sheet below we’ve illustrated in detail the anatomy of an HDSLR camera – inside and out. What’s more, we’ve also illustrated how your LCD screen will look while recording HD video and highlighted the important camera settings to note – and how you can change them.

    Simply click on the cheat sheet to view the larger version, or drag and drop it to your desktop to download.

    PAGE 1: What is HDSLR?
    PAGE 2: Getting to grips with HDSLR: free cheat sheet
    PAGE 3: HDSLR audio recording


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