9 creative photo ideas to try in August

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    Creative Photo Ideas for August: 04 Shoot a micro landscape

    Creative Photo Ideas for August: 04 Shoot a micro landscape

    Faced with a beautiful rolling landscape or rhythmic coastal scene, it’s all too easy to simply reach for a 10-20mm lens and wrestle every inch of the location into a single, ultra-wide frame.

    But why not try zooming in and isolating some interesting sections of the wider view instead?

    “I think this type of photography is actually far more difficult than shooting a wider landscape,” says the award-winning landscape specialist, Jon Gibbs.

    “Sometimes this kind of subject matter will not have a natural flow to it so I will try to use lead-in lines, diagonals and zig-zags in order to keep the viewer’s eye in the frame.

    “Often it is worth approaching this type of picture as you would when setting up for a wider landscape.

    Is there a foreground subject or a diagonal lead-in line that can be used to draw the viewer into the image?

    “Is there interest throughout the image? Is there dead space with little to interest the viewer – or even distract them? There is quite a lot to think about just in terms of composition!

    “On a technical level, focusing these images can be troublesome. Unless you’re using a tilt-shift lens or using a focus stacking technique (in other words, taking many images with a different focus point and then combining them) then you will find depth of field limited even at the smallest apertures.

    “Try using Live View to help you get the best possible amount of depth of field.”

    Get started today…
    * Use a tripod, remote release and mirror lock-up to keep things steady and to 
achieve the sharpest results.
    * Getting the timing right is very important. Look for low side-lighting at the beginning and end of the day in order to reveal texture and form in your image.
    * Take your time: “If you hurry too much, you may be disappointed with your results when you come to view them on a computer screen later on,” cautions Jon. “Like so much of landscape photography, it’s better to get one image that you are totally happy with than a handful of mediocre efforts.”

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