Baby Photography Ideas: simple ways to capture striking pictures of your infant

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    Essential gear for infant photography

    We used a Nikon D300 DSLR for the shoot – mainly because of how well it copes in low-light conditions. We could confidently boost the ISO up to 1600 without reducing the quality that much.

    Macro lens
    Ideal for getting up close for the detail shots, but also crisp full-length images with great tones.

    Background bed sheets!
    A simple plain white bed sheet is all you need for full-length portraits. Or, in the case of many of my close-ups, a plain sofa.

    When available light is all you require, a reflector positioned in the correct place can almost double the amount of light hitting the subject.

    Keep the baby interested! You may look a fool, but a smile could be priceless.

    PAGE 1 – Baby Photography Ideas: getting the shots
    PAGE 2 – Baby Photography Ideas: where to focus?
    PAGE 3 – Baby Photography Ideas: try a montage
    PAGE 4 – Baby Photography Ideas: change the background
    PAGE 5 – Baby Photography Ideas: go for eye-catching close-ups
    PAGE 6 – Baby Photography Ideas: add a splash of colour
    PAGE 7 – Baby Photography Ideas: editing your shots
    PAGE 8 – Essential gear for infant photography


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