Baby Photography Ideas: simple ways to capture striking pictures of your infant

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    Baby Photography Ideas: where to focus?

    When using a macro lens, you need to remember that by shooting at an angle and with a wide aperture, you’re covering a large area from foreground through to background.

    For these two shots we were shooting from a low angle to show Alice’s hand holding onto her dad’s shoulder. By changing the focusing points between her face and her hand, two completely different images have been created.

    Baby Photography Ideas: where to focus?

    In this shot, Alice’s face occupies the majority of the frame and is pin sharp, but her hand is out of focus, creating a slight sense of depth.

    Baby Photography Ideas: where to focus?

    Now Alice’s hand appears to be dominating the frame, not because it’s taking up more room, but as it’s become the focal point while her face disappears into the distance. This really is down to personal preference, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment.

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