Baby Photography Ideas: simple ways to capture striking pictures of your infant

Baby Photography Ideas: simple ways to capture striking pictures of your infant

There’s nothing more satisfying than capturing your baby looking their cutest. Our expert baby photography ideas offer simple solutions for boosting your infant photography – from getting the shot to presenting your images.

Baby Photography Ideas: simple ways to capture striking pictures of your infant

All images by Ed Godden

The model for this baby shoot was Alice. One of the problems you can encounter initially when photographing children is deciding what sort of shots you intend to capture. We’ve become a fan of a trend towards close-up detail shots of babies.

For instance, only concentrating on main features such as the hands, eyes, feet and mouth. By using a macro lens, we were able to get within centimetres of Alice and capture the extreme detail in her features.

By opting to use natural light from a nearby large sash window, a lovely even spread of light fell on her, enhanced by a Lastolite Gold reflector to maximise the light coming into the room.

Baby Photography Ideas: photograph your infant at its cutest

The more you can get onto your subject, the lower ISO rating you can set on the camera, enabling you to produce a higher quality image.

Baby Photography Ideas: getting the shots

Baby Photography Ideas: getting the shots

Be sure to lock the focus where you want it when shooting with wide apertures.

Keeping the baby entertained, trying not to make them cry and getting some decent shots… These were some of the numerous obstacles that lay ahead of me as I got down low to baby level and began to shoot away.

Opening up the aperture to a wider setting is one good way of ensuring that you get creative images with depth.

The shot above was taken at f/3.5 and shows how shooting from an angle can help to create a greater sense of depth by causing the photograph to fade out in both the foreground and background.

Baby Photography Ideas: getting the shots

A tight crop was again used here, but the image fails – the aperture was changed to f/10 and the camera positioned head-on to Alice. Even though the shot has great eye contact, it’s very flat.

By being selective with your in-camera cropping and keeping to a set aperture, you’re left to work around your subject, with composition and poses being the only thing on your mind.

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