Camera Lenses Explained: how to get sharp photos using telephoto lenses

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    How to beat camera shake when using a telephoto lens

    How to beat camera shake when using a telephoto lens

    The long focal length of a telephoto lens not only magnifies the subject, but also the movement of the camera and lens. This makes them more prone to blurring than shorter focal-length lenses, so you need to take extra care when using them.

    The old rule of thumb for shake-free results is to use a shutter speed of 1/the focal length of the shot or faster, so if you’re shooting at a focal length of 200mm, you should get sharp results at 1/200 sec or faster.

    But this isn’t always possible, especially if you need to use a low ISO.

    The obvious solution would be to use a tripod, but it’s not always practical to set one up. In this situation, look out for objects that you can use to brace yourself against, such as fences, benches, walls and lamp posts.

    You should also use the fastest shutter speed you can by increasing the ISO. This will help to minimise the effects of camera shake.

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