10 killer photography tips the pros won’t tell you

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10 killer photography tips the pros won’t tell you

Photography Tips From The Pros: Focus stacking

Focus stacking is a neat trick that allows you to create images with very wide depth of field so the whole image is sharp, and it’s especially useful when shooting macro subjects.

The subject needs to be motionless and the camera mounted on a tripod because the first step in the technique is to take a sequence of shots with the focus at different distances.

Take the first shot with the nearest part of the scene in focus and then, without moving the camera, refocus just a little further in and take the second shot.

Repeat this process of refocusing further into the scene before each shot until the furthest part of the subject has been photographed in focus.

The next stage is to combine all the images. While this could be done manually using any image editing software that supports layers it would be very time consuming.

Fortunately, Photoshop’s Photo Merge function is capable of doing the work for you, or you can download Combine ZP for free.


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