Seaside Photography: how to photograph seabirds like a pro

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    4 ways to maximise your seaside photography

    4 ways to maximise your seaside photography

    Hire a lens
    If wildlife photography is not your usual bag then you may not have a specialist long lens for frame-filling portraits. As you’re unlikely to rush out and buy one, think about hiring one instead so that you get the most from your visit.

    Observe birds’ movements
    Birds usually follow the same flight path back to the colony and may make several attempts before coming into land at a regular spot. Watching their movements will give you the best chance to be in position and ready to capture the action.

    Stay focused
    With so much going on in the colony it’s very easy to flit about from one subject to another, but this won’t yield the best results. Concentrate on one thing at a time and make sure you’re happy with the results before moving on.

    Add variety
    Try lots of different shooting positions and camera angles, and vary your choice of lens so that you come away with a range of images from close-up portraits to wider views that include the seabird’s habitat or the rest of the colony.

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    PAGE 2: How to plan your seabird shoot
    PAGE 3: How to photograph seabirds in flight
    PAGE 4: 4 ways to maximise your seaside photography


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